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VW-VBD55 Battery

VW-VBD55 Battery, VSETKY KAMERYRADY VW-VBD55 Camcorder Batteries
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Original Price: AU $ 64.46
Sale Price: AU $ 49.58
inc. VAT

Li-ion VSETKY KAMERYRADY VW-VBD55 Camcorder Batteries

  • Replacement Battery (100% original manufacturer compatible)
  • Brand New, One Year Warranty
  • Type: Li-ion
    Voltage: 7.2V
    Color: dark grey
    Capacity: 5400mAh
    Dimension: 65.30x36.00x62.10mm

    This item can replace the following part numbers:
      CGA-D54s,   CGA-D54SE,  
    This item is also compatible with the following models:
      MX300,   AG-DVX100B,   AG-DVC30/60,
      AG-DVC32,    MX500,   AG-HVX200,
      MX7/5/1,    AG-DVX102B,   AG-DVX100A,
      DS38/37/28/27,   EX1/3,   VW-VBD55,