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8549 Adapter

8549 Battery, FUJITSU 8549 DC Auto Power
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Original Price: AU $ 52.10
Sale Price: AU $ 40.08
inc. VAT

FUJITSU 8549 DC Auto Power

  • Laptop DC Adapter (100% original manufacturer compatible)
  • Brand New, One Year Warranty
  • Input Volts:12V-13.5V
    Output Volts:18V-20V
    Operation Temperature:0°C ~ +40°C
    Storage Temperature:-40° C ~ +85° C
    Relative Humidity:5% ~ 95%RH (non-condensing)
    Safety Approvals:UL, CUL, TUV, CE , CCC, GOST-R, B Mark, NOM, NEMKO, PSB, S-Mark, S+Mark,RCM

    This item is also compatible with the following models:
      Extensa 900,   AcerNote 367,   Travelmate 242FX(MS2138),
      Extensa 360 series,    Extensa ESS3-391T,   AcerNote 390 series,
      Extensa 390 series,  
      Travelpro 180,   Rodeo 7620,   Rodeo 1010 series,
      Rodeo 7640XL,    Rodeo 7030,   Rodeo 1000 series,
      Travelpro 1900,    Rodeo 7630,   Rodeo 7000,

      Evo N115,   Presario 17XL,   Presario 1200 series,
      Presario 715,    Evo 2700T,   Presario 14XL,
      Presario 800XL,    Armada 2924 series,   Evo N180,
      Presario 710,    Evo N105 Series,   Evo N105,
      Presario 1700,    Presario 1000 series,   Presario 705,
      Evo 2700 series,    Presario 1400,   Presario 800,
      Evo N160,    Presario 1800,   Compaq Presario R3000,
      Presario 725,    Evo 800XL,   Presario 1600,
      Presario 700 series,    Presario 701,   Evo 18XL,
      Presario 12XL,    Presario 720,   Evo N115 Series,

      Inspiron 3500series(BIOS A14),   Inspiron 3000(BIOS A00),   Inspiron 7000 series(BIOS A15),
      Inspiron 3200,  
      C2230,   E7010,   CP194347,
      Lifebook E2010,    Lifebook S7010,   Lifebook C2210,
      C2220,    E4010D,   CP196762,
      C2240 Series,    E7110 Series,   CP18928,
      E4010,    S7010D Series,  
      Omnibook 3000,   Omnibook 7100,   Omnibook ZE,
      Pavilion N3310,    Pavilion N5125,   Pavilion N5350(N5390/5),
      Pavilion XZ185,    Pavilion ZT1100,   Omnibook 500,
      Omnibook XE3series,    Pavilion N3150,   Pavilion N3410,
      Pavilion N5270(N5290/5),    Pavilion XF328,   Pavilion ze1000 series,
      Omnibook 4000,    Omnibook 900,   Pavilion 5170(N5190/5),
      Pavilion N3350,    Pavilion N5150,   Pavilion N5400series,
      Pavilion XZ295,    Pavilion ZD7000,   Omnibook 2100,
      Omnibook 7000,    Omnibook XZ,   Pavilion N3270(N3290/5),
      Pavilion N5100,    Pavilion N5340,   Pavilion XT,
      Pavilion ZFseries,    Omnibook 4150,   Omnibook XE2,
      Pavilion N3100,    Pavilion N3390,   Pavilion N5210,
      Pavilion N5584,    Pavilion ZE,   Pavilion ZD7040US,
      Omnibook 3100 series,    Omnibook 7150 series,   Omnibook ZT,
      Pavilion N3330,    Pavilion N5130,   Pavilion N5380,
      Pavilion XZ275,    Omnibook 6000 series,   Omnibook XT series,
      Pavilion N3250,    Pavilion N5000series,   Pavilion N5300,
      Pavilion XH series,    Pavilion ze4100,   Omnibook 4100,
      Omnibook XE,    Pavilion N3000series,   Pavilion N3370,
      Pavilion N5200,    Pavilion N5511L,   Pavilion XZ355,
      Pavilion ZD7010US,  
      Thinkpad i1700,   Thinkpad i1482,   Thinkpad i1442,
      Thinkpad T40,    Thinkpad i1522,   Thinkpad i1480,
      Thinkpad i1400,    Thinkpad i1720 series,   Thinkpad i1500,
      Thinkpad i1460,  
      TransPort Trek2 300 DVD,   TransPort Trek2 266,   TransPort Trek2 233,

      Versa 5000,   Versa 5080 series,   Versa 2400 series,
      Versa E2000,    Versa 500,   Versa 5060 series,
      Versa 550D,    Ready 440T,   Versa 2500 series,

      98,   Pentium 86 series,   862,
      NP8300,    7200,   NB8600,
      NP8500,    8700,   NP8700,
      86,    NP8100,   D20,
      6200 series,    87,   NP8600,
      8549,    NB8700,  
      PC 3150 series,   PC 3020 series,   PC 3060 series,
      PC 3010 series,    PC 3050 series,  
      Satellite 1715XCDS series,   Satellite M30X-115,   Satellite M30X-150,
      Satellite M30X-S171ST,    Satellite M35X-S1143,   Satellite M35X-S3111,
      Satellite M35X-S1492,    Satellite M40X-185,   Satellite M40X Series,
      Satellite 2435 series,    Satellite M30X-104,   Satellite M30X-134,
      Satellite M30X-168,    Satellite M35X-S111,   Satellite M35X-S309,
      Satellite M30X-118,    Satellite M40X-118,   Satellite M40X-267 Satellite M40X-295,
      Satellite 1905-S301,    Satellite M30X-124,   Satellite M30X-156,
      Satellite M30X-S191TD,    Satellite M35X-S1491,   Satellite M35X-S3291,
      Satellite M35X Series,    Satellite M40X-249,   Satellite 1700,
      Satellite M30X-111,    Satellite M30X-148,   Satellite M30X-S1593ST,
      Satellite M35X-S1142,    Satellite M35X-S311,   Satellite M35X-S1163,
      Satellite M40X-141,    Satellite M40X P-M760,   Satellite 2430 series,
      Satellite M30X,    Satellite M30X-129,   Satellite M30X-165,
      Satellite M35X-S109,    Satellite M35X-S1611,   Satellite M35X-S3491,
      Satellite M40X-114,    Satellite M40X-259,   Satellite 1900,
      Satellite M30X-122,    Satellite M30X-154,   Satellite M30X-S181ST,
      Satellite M35X-S149,    Satellite M35X-S329,   Satellite M35X-S161,
      Satellite M40X-186,    Satellite Pro M40X-131,   Satellite 1600,
      Satellite 3000,    Satellite M30X-105,   Satellite M30X-143,
      Satellite M30X-S1592ST,    Satellite M35X-S114,   Satellite M35X-S3091,
      Satellite M30X Series,    Satellite M40X-129,   Satellite M40X-299,
      Satellite 1955-S801,    Satellite A60 and A65 Series,   Satellite M30X-127,
      Satellite M30X-163,    Satellite M30X-S214,   Satellite M35X-S1492Satellite M35X-S161,
      Satellite M35X-S349,    Satellite M40X-112,   Satellite M40X-258,

      SlimNote 9150TZ,   SlimNote VXE,   SlimNote P88,
      SlimNote 910CV,    SlimNote VX,   SlimNote 9133 series,
      SlimNote 9166TZ,    SlimNote VXE3,   SlimNote P88TE,

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