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BP-DC1 Charger

BP-DC1 Charger, PANASONIC BP-DC1 Battery Charger
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Original Price: AU $ 39.48
Sale Price: AU $ 30.37
inc. VAT

Compatible Charger for PANASONIC BP-DC1

  • Battery Charger (100% original manufacturer compatible)
  • Brand New, One Year Warranty
  • Includes both an charger,AC adapter.
  • The Turbo Charger is an attractive high performance fully automatic Lithium-ion battery charger designed to quickly and safely charge battery.
  • Charger with AVMP Series Adaptor (UK & HK) & Cigarettes Charger Plug

  • SIZE:59.50x36.00x19.50mm

    Part Number:
      DZ-BP28,   DZ-BP16,   DZ-BP14,

      DMW-BL14,   CGR-D120,   CGR-D320,
      CGR-D220,  HITACHI
      DZ-MV208E,   DZ-MV270E,   DZ-MV230E,
      DZ-MV200E,    DZ-MV270A,   DZ-MV230A,
      DZ-MV200A,    DZ-MV250,  
      NV-DA1B,   NV-DS8,   PV-DV200,
      PV-DV800,    NV-DS33,   PV-BP8,
      PV-DV600K,    CGR-D120A/1B,   NV-DS15,
      NV-EX1B,    PV-DV400,   PV-DVP8-A,
      NVDA1B,    NV-DS77B,   PV-DV100K,
      PV-DV710,    NV-DS3,   NV-EX3,
      PV-DV600,    CGR-D08SE/1B,   NV-DS12B,
      NV-DS99,    PV-DV200K,   PV-DV800K,
      AG-DVC15,    NV-DS55,   PV-DV100,
      PV-DV700,    CGR-D120E/1B,   NV-DS150B,
      NVEX3,    PV-DV400K,   CGR-D08A/1B,
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